Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yikes how time flies!!!! I have to remember all the workouts we've done in the past week. This wont be as accurate as I would like but I'll do my best to remember. I'll work backwards to get as much as I can.

Tues 7-20: 2 mi run AM, core, Upper body weights, ballet

Mon 7-19: Swim (Veteran's Memorial) 1/2 mi swim then 1.5 mi run - working transitions
*realized what I need at transition: Stool, towel, extra water bottle, sunglasses

Sun - off

Sat - 40 min mountain run - NICE!! I was up at girl's camp @ bull trout lake

Fri - Lake swim - about 1/2 mile. (BURRRRR) forgot cap/goggles :(

Thurs - Bike 10 mi, Run 1.5 mi - good BRC w/ spinning out the legs near transition

Wed - ?
Tues - ?
Mon - Pool swim - 1/2 mi + drills (Jim Everett there helping w/coaching - great resource

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A week of training - I'm feeln it!

Tues - 3 mile run - upper body weight training

Wed - 2 mi run (it was only 95 degrees wow!)

Thurs - AM Leg workout, PM Group BRC - 1 mi run 4 city block bike - 800 run repeated 3 times. core work, lunges

Fri - Rhett did Kenpo Karate - Jen - Nadda - couldn't move

Sat - 7-8 mi bike ride, 1 mile run

Monday, July 5, 2010


10 min easy swim warm up
25 drill swim/25 crawl (finger tip/catch-up/fists/one-arm/stroke count)
50 drill swim each set
200 swim
2 100's timed - goal is a consistent time (Jen 1:47, Rhett 1:50) *going to beat them next week!
50 easy cool down
RUN: 15 minute @ 6.0 pace

*It felt good to get back into swimming - Protein shake/toast w/ 1/4 tsp honey for a post-workout snack*

Sunday, July 4, 2010

So down 15 lbs from the last entry!! Thanks Rhett for the inspiration! As he is down 55!! whoo hoo! Now the two of us are training for our first triathalon together!! OK, it is a mini but still!! We are pumped. This will serve as a basis for our training so when we do more tri's or bigger ones, we will know where to start.

Thurs was the beginning of our training by Lisa Spenner!! Super athlete!
*10 min job warm-up (form running drills)- 400 mod pace, abs and pushups - 400, squat jumps, abs - 400, step-ups, abs - 400 lunge w/ leg raise - 800 cool down

Fri - 4 mi mod pace

Sat - 2 mi easy to mod pace

Sun - 7 mi bike, 10 min jog, push-ups, pilates

Monday, January 4, 2010

so new fitness challenge with the new year! I have spoken with a trainer and decided to do it on my own. It will use this site as my food journal. I know, boring - but necessary. Start weight: 125 and 33 lbs of fat YIKES!! This time the prize is a highly desired spa package. The official start date is January 11th. I am getting a head start. Here we go!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alrighty!!! This is week three! I fell of the wagon yesterday with no workout - no time - and one meal that was off schedule. I didn't write a journal entry either. BUT . . . . Here is how I have gotten back ON the wagon! Today I ran 1.73 on "Trusty Treadmill" 20 minute sprint session of course! I didn't push it as hard or as fast as some days previously, but it still got my heart rate up and I was a sweatn. It got in 3 liters of water and had all meals as needed.

I want to be consistent with the weight loss. On Sunday I weighed in at 128!!!! I'm a looser!!!! I hope I can still be a looser this week :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Well the weekend is almost here. I'm docking points from yesterday because I did not make a journal entry. I did maintain all other commitments however.

Yesterday's workout was a 20 min sprint session on the treadmill

Total distance 1.83mi

I've got to say that is my fav. cardio routine because of the short duration, and tons of calories burned. Anytime there is interval training done, say a big fat c-ya to fat! I can use that. Just about to go for a run. Todays plan is to lengthen the run to an outside 3 or 4 miler. I will do 1 min sprint every 10 min. The days are getting cooler. For some reason that pushes me - maybe because I smolter in the heat. Ideal temp to run in for me is the 40's and 50's. I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow - I love to plan my treat - Still no decision made yet . . .